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Gogo Odirile

Sichitho Repellent Shower Gel

Sichitho Repellent Shower Gel

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This product is for you if you suffer from the following :

1.Dreaming of feaces

2.You are dislike ( isidina) people close to you have no patience around you.

3.Constantly fighting with your partner or close family and friends for no reason or silly reasons.

4.Instability in your life. Job loss, financial battles etc.

5.You have a sense of feeling stuck. You see no progress or breakthrough in your life. You feel like you are running around in circles.

6.Dreaming of weird things having sex with you. Waking up wet, and or with a smelly discharge. Waking up feeling like you just had sex. Unexplained vaginal itching. Weird, unexplained rash on your body.

7.Feeling like something is crawling on your body but there's nothing there. Feeling like you have a spider web on your face, especially by your eyes.

8.Dreams that have lots of blood, menstruation, worms, mites, frogs and mystical creatures sometimes.

9.Your partner out of nowhere what's nothing to do with you. They believe like you disgust them.

10.Dreaming of dirty or muddy water.

11.Dreaming of eating especially if the food has been given to you or someone keeps insisting that you eat the food.

♥️ With activated charcoal for glowing healthy skin. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sylvia Hlongwane
Detox tonic

I sent u a whatsup about the instructions how to use it, especially drinking measurements. No 2 [isibhunge,] instructions also and how must I see the results.

Boipelo Sebogo
Packaging could use some improvement

The shower gels lid/pump for both sichitho and pink water came broken and damaged. I had to buy bottles to then pour it for better use. Packaging could use some improvement especially for those traveling with their products. Maybe a flip cap instead of a pump to avoid it getting damaged and ensure easier use of the product.

Kagiso Matladi

I see changes in my life, the shower gel is doing wonders.


Thokoza Gogo. Product works instantly. Itching has stopped, clear dreams, and helps with sleep better. Everything around me flows and is calm.