A little bit about myself.

Thokoza thank you for visiting my website. This is a humble Thokoza, and welcome. Hmmm. I'll start with my name I guess. My Gov name is Gugu Mkhize but I have 2 awesome dlozi name Mkhulu Mhlambamanzi and Gogo Odirile.

I consider myself a modern day healer, which I believe makes me an open minded holistic healer. I bring a fresh voice and a whole lot of personality to a previously ridged industry (Bo ngaka). Yes I am fully trained and certified as a fully fledged healer. I was trained in North West Mmakau in early 2021 and graduated in mid 2021. I’ve been a full time consulting healer ever since.

I consult in an easy to understand manner. I'm chatty, I laugh, cry (sometimes) and make sessions less scary, because wow.... I can cofidently say you will get value for money.

My Services

  • Face To Face Consultation (1hr)- R400.00
  • Online Consultation (1hr) - R500.00
  • Couple Face To Face Consultation (2hr) - R750.00
  • Couple Online Consultations (2hr) - R850.00
  • Family Face To Face Consultation (3hr) - R1,400.00
  • Family Online Consultation (3hr) - R1,750.00
  • River Cleansing (45m) - R2,000.00