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Gogo Odirile

Home Affairs

Home Affairs

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This Mix is for the following :

  • Those who struggle to sleep.
  • Those who wake up and odd hours of the night/early morning. 
  • Hearing things moving around on the roof or in the house.
  • Finding strange things in the yard. 
  • Finding unidentifiable (can't tell what animal) poo in and around the yard.
  • Fighting and tension in the house.
  • Restless baby or children especially at night. 


How to use it 

  • Pour content of the packet in a 5L container.
  • Fill up container with cold water. 
  • When cleaning the house add to cleaning water. 
  • Add to bath water safe for adults and babies.
  • Qhela around your yard and on the roof.
  • Refill with cold water every time you use the mix.
  • Water will eventually lose its colour. Don't refill at that point.
  • Do Not use when menstruating.
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